10 AM - 11 AM

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We'll have registration check-in set up throughout the entire meetup wherever our active programming is located!

Baggage Check

We will have checked baggage available throughout the event! Your belongings will be kept safe at our Workshops HQ (BBC 226), where you can retrieve or store them between sessions.

Session 1
11 AM - 12:30 PM
The Framework of SoNE1: Succeeding as a K-Pop Dance Team
by SoNE1's Gavin Cheng and Oz Yong at BBC 220

Discuss the inner workings of SoNE1 - practice schedule, goals, decisions, etc. Here we hope you can apply what you have learned and help us build a greater and stronger K-pop Dance community!

Trends in K-Pop Music Production & DJing
by Peter Lo at BBC 222

Have you heard of K-pop remixes? This session will explore the rises and falls within original K-pop musicality/instrumentals, and discuss the bootleg remix community which arose to appeal to new EDM audiences.

Dance: So Good by Jay Park
by Brian Chio (Purdance) at Event Center Terrace

Check out and the learn the moves to Jay Park's "So Good" that Brian and his crew "Kpoptitude" will also be showcasing at the end of the night. Come experience this MJ-inspired choreography with beats that’ll leave you saying: “So Good.”

12:30 PM - 2 PM

Join us for some light sandwiches and recharge! You may also want to check out some of the awesome restaurants sprinkled around the perimeter of SJSU.

Session 2
2 PM - 3:30 PM
Call Me Problematic!
by Cassiopeia's Briana Bircher and Belinda Sulleza at BBC 220

This workshop focuses heavily on social justice issues portrayed in K-pop by artists who appropriate other cultures that are seen as hurtful or harmful to fans and supporters alike (i.e. blackface, domestic violence, etc.). Explore how fans can be advocates towards other groups of fans who come from all types of cultures. Learn how fans continue to love and support their biases, and still be able to call out their mistakes and at the same time, still be a fan.

K-Pop and the U.S. Market
by Neil Lofland (Purdance) at BBC 222

K-pop artists have been trying to push into the lucrative U.S. mainstream market for well over a decade with little success. During this talk, we will examine some of the past attempts at entry into the U.S. market like BoA and the Wonder Girls, and look at the potential for success for YG’s latest attempt with CL this spring.

Dance: Pepe by CLC
by PARANG's Acee Echevarria and Karen Sun at Event Center Terrace

For anyone who enjoys dancing, this workshop will teach those who are interested the dance choreography for CLC's "Pepe." This workshop is meant to be fun and engaging. Anyone can dance to this, and SJSU KESA's Parang welcomes dancers of all levels to participate. Don't miss out on the excitement!

Session 3
3:30 PM - 5 PM
K-Pop and Networking: Introduction to Tumblr and Fanbases
by Ananya Kumar (Presidentyeol) and Jacqueline Nguyen (EXOLUSA) at BBC 220

This is a beginner workshop designed to help anyone who is interested in sharing their creative content or connecting with K-pop fans around the world! We focus primarily on Tumblr as an outlet for expanding creative horizons, and briefly talk about EXOLUSA.

Hot Issue
by Ellen Ong at BBC 222

2014 was a rather dynamic year for the K-pop music industry. Discuss varying aspects behind the glamour and success of the K-pop scene, fandom culture, company standards and treatment, and other topics that make the industry an incredibly hot issue domestically and internationally.

Dance: Wedding Dress by Taeyang
by Linda Wang (SoNE1) at Event Center Terrace

Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” is an incredibly iconic K-pop song and dance. Learn a fantastic piece of choreography with people who share the same love for K-pop! All levels of dance abilities are welcome and encouraged to join the fun.

Dinner Recess
5 PM - 7 PM

Take a break, take it out, or take a nap - the choice is yours! Explore the local eateries around SJSU, or take a breather and relax before the big show. Some words of advice: BRING CASH!

Feeling thirsty for some milk tea? Join us at Thirst Tea at 150 S 1st St, Suite 118 for some awesome boba and snacks. A percentage of the proceeds will go on to support KPOPCON <3

Please note: no food or drinks will be allowed in the performance night venue at Morris Dailey Auditorium.

Performance Night
7 PM - 10 PM
introduced by Ali and Dustin






Intermission with DJ Peter Lo



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