Our Partners

At KPOPCON, there are endless partnership opportunities to engage with passionate fans, establish yourself or your organization, and contribute to the community. Check out our partners for KPOPCON 2014 and the various ways you can get involved at KPOPCON!



This convention will forever be run by the fans, for the fans. Our team is always looking for passionate individuals to help make this amazing event spring to life. If you've got some spare living space or a knack for guiding guests, organization, or smile delivery, then we want YOU! Hone your leadership, communication, and public speaking skills at KPOPCON while teaming up with top-notch K-pop fans like yourself :]

Volunteers will receive waived registration and other goodies if selected. Hosts will receive waived registration if assigned 3 or more guests or discounted registration if assigned 2 or fewer guests.

Before you apply, please read our Volunteer Guidelines to learn more and check if you're eligible.


Looking for an opportunity to build KPOPCON's future and unify the K-pop community? Are you daring, dedicated, and eager to learn valuable skills in leadership, management, finance, marketing, and community building? Then look no further than our KPOPCON Ventures Internship Program, or the KPOPCON V.I.P.!

Check out our Internship Guidelines to learn more! Also, attend the Leadership Summit on Day 2 (Sunday) at 5 PM to meet the mentors and get a head start! If you have any questions, contact Matt Wei at .


KPOPCON attracts over 300 guests each year and is an intimate part of the K-pop community. If your organization is looking for a way to support, contribute, and be a part of the success and growth of this beautiful and diverse event, consider partnering with KPOPCON! We provide exclusive media recognition, waived registrations, engagement events, our bottomless appreciation, and much more :]

Contact Karen Yu, the Director of Partner Relations, at to get started!


Our workshops embody the four expressions of the fiery K-pop fandom spirit: creativity, education, leadership, and performance arts. As a presenter, you get the wonderful opportunity to collectively share fan narratives, demonstrate leadership initiative, conduct surveys and research, teach forms of expression, explore human ingenuity, and discuss differing perspectives that leave our fans even more empowered, informed, and passionate than ever before.

The submission period for KPOPCON 2014 workshops has ended! If you have any questions or wish to present next year, please contact the Workshops Coordinator, Divina Magracia, at .


The performances showcase is a dedication to K-pop and explores its chromatic influence through dance and song covers. As a performer, you get a shot at showcasing your talent, performing original works, and engaging with your fans! It’s also an opportunity to get discovered, build a following, and enhance your repertoire. At KPOPCON, grace the spotlight with your charisma and leave your audience in awe.

The submission period for KPOPCON 2014 performances has ended! If you have any questions or wish to perform next year, please contact the Entertainment Coordinator, Mindy Huang, at .


The fan meetup is meant to serve as the most engaging, energetic, and entertaining proponent of our convention and never fails to meet expectations. Setting up a booth is a great way to meet your local followers and to gain new customers and members for your organization! Get a chance to sell your merchandise and showcase your masterpieces to establish a presence in the K-pop community. In addition, the fan meetup is a great way to share ideas and information and build meaningful relationships with passionate, dedicated fans.

The reservation period for a KPOPCON 2014 meetup booth has ended! If you have any questions or wish to participate next year, please contact the Meetup Coordinator, Danielle Song, at .